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Emotional Overloads
Thursday, May. 01, 2008, 08:19

It's been a while since I posted a new entry, and I have a few regrets in regards to this lack. However, I have been keeping my self busy, and I will just have to forgive my self and get over it. What has kept me busy? Well, I could just say "a lot" but that does not seem to do my life justice. Towards the end of March, when my daughter had Spring break, we drove my son to Tennessee so that he could visit with the grandparents. Once we got back home, I began volunteering every Friday at my daughter's school. In addition to this, I have done some continual yard work (gardening, cutting grass, planning, etc.), as well as continually cleaning the inside of my house (which is still a disaster area).

Aside from domestic bliss (as if), I have been continuing my educational studies with two new classes -- Statistics and Federal Tax. These two classes seem to keep me at the books non-stop, and if I do manage a break, I find my self increasingly frustrated when I attempt to catch back up. So you can imagine that the breaks I give my self are few and far between. Something else I have been doing for my self would be my new diet and exercise schedule. I have been staying away from the fast-food industry, using the Slimquick diet/vitamin supplements, and exercising every-to-every other day (30-60 minutes roughly). I do not know if this is helping me with my weight-loss goals, but I do know that my size 10 jeans are no longer too tight.

Overall, I am unsure if my vigilance to stay busy is helping or hurting me. I question this because in the past couple of days, I have found it increasingly hard to stop crying. Whether I am watching movies, such as The Game Plan, or reading novels (see my "100 Books in a Year" page for the latest entries), I just cannot seem to turn the waterworks off. It appears that the slightest thing can begin a river of tears, and I have no intelligent reason as to why. It could be that I am simply missing my husband and youngest child, or it could be simply hormones. Either way, it is a nuisance and frustrates the eternal hell out of me -- so much so that it makes me wish I could stop time long enough to where I can simply be... instead of constantly worrying about everything.

As I bring this rambling to a close, I find my self beating off the tears once again, and I look forward to a Summer in which I am surrounded with family.

~A Bientot

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